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Our ghostwriters and nursing and nursing management experts have many years of experience and are familiar with both the practical and academic careers. You have a high methodological competence and follow the current nursing science discussion and study situation, in order to be able to classify your topic accordingly and to be able to deal with it in a qualified manner. Especially in times of increasing academization of nursing in the context of the bachelor’s and master’s programs, this is also indispensable.

The growing academization of nursing

As people grow older in our society, the issue of care and health is gaining in importance. This is accompanied by an increasing scientification and academization of nursing. Many occupations and career development in nursing now require a degree.

In nursing, students are concerned with the needs of those in need of care, the organization of care and the societal, social and political challenges in this area. As part of the healthcare industry, nursing is also under pressure from structural adjustments. Care facilities must therefore increasingly be measured not only in terms of specialist areas, but also in terms of cost efficiency and business management. At the same time, due to the scarcity of financial resources, the care-related benefits are to be rendered more efficient and effective than before.

The universities have responded to this problem in recent years. A growing number of nursing programs should help to produce qualified staff who, in addition to nursing and medical knowledge, also have competences in the field of business administration in order to take on management positions in the various care facilities. Since nursing scientists and nursing managers must bring a broad interdisciplinary technical knowledge, the nursing course is accordingly broad and covers a wide range of topics and emphases – from the fundamentals of law, business administration and organization to palliative care or gerontology.

The study of Nursing / Nursing Management includes, among others. following topics

  • Methods of diagnosis and therapy
  • Quality and project management
  • Law and Economics
  • human Resource management
  • Oncology and Palliative Medicine
  • Care and health law
  • nursing research
  • psychology
  • education
  • ethics

The basics of nursing and management are taught in the first few semesters. Afterwards, students can focus on individual topics through elective courses. Depending on the module, the awarding of credits depends on different credits. These include papers, examinations, term papers and seminar papers.

In addition to practical phases, there will be a project work at the end of the study. The nursing and health management degree program concludes with the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) academic degree. Prerequisite for this is the writing of a scientific paper, the bachelor thesis or bachelor thesis. This allows positions in the care, such as the nursing director should be sought. Since this profession is very practice-oriented, at least basic nursing qualifications are required as admission requirements. Especially in the field of care, many employees decide relatively late in their lives and work to graduate but still a degree in order to advance their careers.

Nursing research fields range from senior positions in nursing care institutions (such as caregivers) to positions in public and private institutions to nursing occupations such as nursing. Nurse. Since these professions are very practice-oriented, at least basic nursing qualifications are required as admission requirements. The full-time undergraduate degree covers six semesters; for an extra-occupational study program, this period can extend to eight semesters.

The master’s degree in nursing science usually builds on the bachelor’s degree, but is more research-oriented.


Often discussed is the difference between care management and nursing. In terms of study, this can be determined by the study content and the target groups. For example, the Nursing Management degree program is primarily aimed at experienced nurses who wish to gain further qualifications through a university degree and is accordingly more practice-oriented. Basically, it can be said that although similar disciplines are treated as in the study of nursing science, but the business content is more in focus.

The term “Nursing Science”, on the other hand, is the scientific name of all disciplines that deal with the topic of nursing. Nursing science covers the areas of nursing practice, nursing theory and nursing research. The focus here is more in the field of social sciences. The study of nursing science focuses in particular on how best to care for people in need of care and how the organizational structures and processes of care institutions are structured. But also topics such as ethics, counseling and counseling are treated. Specializations are available in certain subject areas such as intensive care and anesthetic care or scientific nursing theory. Although there are references to business activities in nursing and health care facilities, this topic also plays a subordinate role in nursing science.

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