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Medical specialist writers as ghostwriters

Our medical ghostwriters or medical writers have a doctorate and have a medical or health degree. You have a high statistical methodological competence and can, for example, assist you in the statistical evaluation of your data for your master thesis or dissertation, take on the subsequent textual interpretation or thoroughly validate your existing text according to technical and formal criteria.

Our medical ghostwriters are also happy to assist you in creating and publishing articles in medical journals.

General information about the study of medicine

Degree courses in medicine are restricted nationwide (NC), at least so far. Most places (60%) will be awarded in a university selection procedure, with the remaining places going to the candidates with the best high school graduation average and the longest waiting time. The study of medicine is uniformly regulated nationwide by the licensing regulations for physicians (ÄAppO).

At present, 37 European universities offer medical studies, as well as private universities such as London, Paris and Berlin.

Graduates of a medical degree usually work as doctors in clinics, in practices or other nursing facilities. In addition, their knowledge in research, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, is in demand. In addition to good career and salary prospects, the medical profession offers an exciting and varied field of responsibility as well as a high reputation.

Medical students spend a long time at the university: The standard period of study is at least six years and three months, including the examination time for the final exam. However, due to many different factors, a majority of medical students need more time to complete.

With the passing of the second state examination the graduate attains the state approbation as a physician. Contrary to popular belief, however, students who complete their medical studies do not automatically receive the doctoral degree.

The medical dissertation is required to obtain the title of Doctor

To earn the doctoral degree, a doctorate is required. For this, a doctoral thesis (dissertation) must be written and defended. Some students manage to write this dissertation during their studies, others only afterwards. The doctoral thesis in the Department of Medicine, which makes the doctor a doctor, is usually much shorter than in other subjects. Usually the scope of such a dissertation ranges between 80-100 pages. Thus, the dissertation in medicine is certainly a special case.

However, the degree with the coveted title Dr. med. Quite a few of our customers have already started their doctorate (sometimes years ago), collected the data, etc. However, most of them are starting their careers, eg. as a medical assistant, has long been done, but the writing and completion of the doctoral thesis is not progressing. Many projects and data slumber in the drawer for a long time but are anything but forgotten.

Our medical ghostwriters will assist you with your dissertation

In such cases our medical ghostwriters support you competently and efficiently. So you can focus on the essentials, namely on your daily work as a doctor.

We are also available for degree courses in medical fields that are completed with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

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