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Our legal ghostwriters are familiar with all areas of law that are part of higher education curricula. They have many years of practical experience, so they can quickly familiarize themselves with case problems and at the same time know the scientific discussion in their respective legal specializations. Therefore, they are able to supervise and / or provide model solutions for all scientific solutions sketches, term papers, term papers or final theses in the field of law.

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 Solution sketches form an important part of legal housework. Either they are submitted as independent work, but they are usually the basis of housework and / or case reports.

Legal chores are usually based on a given case, which has to be handled on the basis of specific questions. The aim is to interpret, judge and resolve a case from legal practice on the basis of clear guidelines and applicable laws. The task is to be able to evaluate and judge the case. And that is exactly what the challenge is for many students.

What has been heard comprehensibly in the lecture in the explanation of the theory can suddenly become a problem in one’s case processing.

So what should be considered when writing legal solution sketches?

In each case, it depends on a correct selection of the applicable legal basis and, accordingly, on the correct legal reasoning. Otherwise, there is a risk that a wrong approach will ruin the overall result of housework.

Therefore, solution sketches are a common tool to “crack” the case. They should facilitate the handling of case reports and anticipate a case solution.

In this case, a solution sketch is essentially always the same and contains the following central steps. Firstly, it is first of all necessary to filter and examine the information available in the case with regard to their relevance for answering the question. In this case, the unproblematic facts can be roughly recorded and only the facts in which a theoretical argument or other problem occurs, are taken up.

This results in a structural outline (for the housework), which can be further specified and adapted in the course.

Second, this information is then processed and evaluated using the correct approach. Once the solution has been worked through and a result achieved, the third and final step is to set out in writing the solution and the result at the academic level and with the help of legal terminology.

Let our legal experts write a solution sketch suitable for your case. Based on this you will be able to easily write your entire housework yourself. And if not, we are still there and create an optimal model solution for your legal housework!

For legal chores and final theses

The importance of term papers in law studies in the field of seminar, semester or intermediate examination has increased. For many students writing a term paper in law is a real hurdle.

What does houseworks matter? On the one hand, it is essential to strictly adhere to the expert opinion, and on the other hand, the numerous formal requirements must be observed. Finally, and this is a central point, in the case of a legal housework, the knowledge of substantive law is also expected, if it is relevant to the solution of the case. The following applies: What does not help the case solution, has nothing to do in a housework. Every section and every sentence should lead to the solution.

Both in the solution sketches as well as in chores and final papers in the field of law we are at your side in every working phase.

If you are not sure which approach to your law paperwork is the right one, feel free to contact us. Our legal experts have the necessary specialist knowledge and experience in all areas of law (civil law, criminal law, public law, commercial law, corporate law or labor and social law, etc.) to be able to handle your topic competently.

Our ghostwriters and law writing coaches are well versed in all areas of law. Most of them were or are employed full-time as lawyers, corporate lawyers or as scientific staff at law faculties and are well-versed in both the established legal issues and legal secondary areas.

Ask us without obligation, we are happy to help!

General information about law studies

The 9-semester law school offered exclusively at the universities is divided into a kind of undergraduate and graduate studies, the exam preparation and the first legal examination.

In addition to the chores (case reports) in the compulsory legal subjects of civil law, criminal law and public law, the seminar work requires skills in scientific work in a focus area chosen by the student. Here it is particularly important to pay attention to the correctness of the chosen legal terms and formulations.

In order to become a full-time lawyer, several practical stations (also referred to as a legal clerkship) must be completed within 18 months, for example in courts, in lawyers or in legal departments of companies. Meanwhile, the prospective lawyer is in a public service and receives a payment. After that, the students have to pass the second state examination in order to obtain admission as a full-time lawyer. Those who are not necessarily pursuing the profession of lawyer, judge or public prosecutor, who are reserved for lawyers, have a number of other study opportunities with legal relevance to choose from, such as business law or legal management. With these one does not study on state examination, but on Bachelor and / or master.